Magic Hose Expandable Hose For Car Washing Gun/Garden Hose

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  • Kink- and tangle-proof
  • Perfect for gardens, patios and cars.
  • Innovative design expands to 3 times its size when water is turned on, fully retracting when water is turned off.
  • Includes tap connector and multifunction spray nozzle with 7 adjustable modes, including shower, flat, centre, cone, full, mist, jet
  • Adjustable, anti-wear, anti-corrosion, flexible, rewind, soft.
  • Affordable
  • Powerful Pressure enough to remove muddy stains off your car tyres
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  • [Save-Space] After connecting the water pipe and turning on the water source, the hose will be tripled in a short time. After stopping use and removing the water pipe, it will return to its original length within a few minutes


  • [Multi-Mode] The matching water spray gun has 7 different water mist modes, which can be adjusted freely by rotating clockwise or counterclockwise. The metal ring can keep the water gun on, and then the knob can be used to adjust the maximum water output


  • [Protection] The pipe is made of durable latex, which is not easy to leak and rupture, and has a long service life. The polyester fabric is wrapped outside to prevent the water pipe from directly rubbing with the ground to cause rupture.


  • [Many-uses] You can use it to accomplish many things, such as: watering flowers, watering lawns, car washing, and even can be used to bathe your pet


  • [Precautions] When not in use, Please turn off the water first, Then press the trigger of the water gun again, Until no water sprays out, Then disconnect the water pipe from the faucet, Prevent excessive water pressure from causing harm to yourself

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