Car Security Alarm System Octopus For All Car

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Key Features:

  • Arm/Disarm;
  • Warning identification, Anti burglars.
  • Central door locking system automation;
  • Door unclosed well warning function;
  • Car finding, Rearm;
  • Remote for door locking/unlocking;
  • Automatic warning against theft;
  • Silent Arm; horn pause;
  • Overtaking warning;
  • Remote trunk release;
  • Emergency disarm, emergency call;
  • Hints for alarming;
  • ACC learning code;

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It is a Universal car security alarm system. It can be used by any car. That is while it is universal. Package included:
1 x Main Control Unit
2 x Remote Control
1 x LED connection wire
1 x Engine Killer Relay
1 x Shock sensor
1 x Siren
1 x Wiring set
1 x English user manual
(This item will come with packing box)

1. Arm/Disarm;
2. Warning identification, Anti burglars.
3. Central door locking system automation;
4. Door unclosed well warning function;
5. Car finding, Rearm;
6. Remote for door locking/unlocking;
7. Automatic warning against theft;
8. Silent Arm; horn pause;
9. Overtaking warning;
10. Remote trunk release;
11. Emergency disarm, emergency call;
12. Hints for alarming;
13. ACC learning code;

Main unit:
1. Voltage: 12V±3V
2. Output current: signal light :7.5A*2;siren:10A, central lock:10A
3. Coding: learning code
4. Static current:10mA
5. Indicator current:3mA
6. Shock Sensor current:

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