Car Foot Mat/5D Customized Leather Carpet/Rug/Floor Mat For Toyota Highlander


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Customized Car Floor Mat, This 5D foot mat is a well customized car floor mat, that bring out the beauty of the car interior. It gives the Automobile an executive look it deserves. I was design in a way that it perfectly cover the automobile floor and protect and prevent dust and water to penetrate under the car floor. It was manufacture with a high quality leather material and the surface cover with pvc. It is waterproof so no more panic that water can enter inside the car floor to cause unpleasant odor. 3Pcs mat perfectly cover 5 seater car, two for front while the long one cover rear back. The foot mat is very easy to clean by towel.

NOTE: This is a customized design which means each vehicle has it own custom design, Highlander 2003 Foot mat is different with Highlander 2014, Lexus RX 300 has different mat with Lexus 330/350. Ford Edge has different foot mat with Rang Rover Sport. So make sure you chose the exact model design for your car. Order by the NAME and MODEL of your car.

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Beige, Black/Beige line, Black/Red line, Brown, Grey


2001-2007 1st Generation, 2008-2013 2nd Generation, 2014-2019 3rd Generation, 2020 4th Generation