Auto Car Instant Battery Booster Jump Start Cable- 2000 AMP


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  • Long booster cable
  • Colour coded: Red/Black- Positive/Negative
  • Rating- 2000 AMPs
  • Extra thick cooper cable
  • Shock proof insulation
  • Heavy duty insulated battery clamp on clips
Automobile Battery Jumper Cable is for all vehicle types. Used to boost flat batteries by connecting to a good battery. It is an essential emergency kit for all vehicle types.

Auto Car Instant Battery Booster Jump Start Cable- 2000 AMP Price insights and history

Product Description
Heavy Duty 2000AMP 4M Car Van Truck emergency starting Battery Jump Leads Booster Cables Jumper Cable
Product name
Car booster cable
100% Brand New
Copper, Aluminum
Black, Red
4 Meters
1 Set(one black cable + one red cable)
– Durable Wire Cable
– Easy and convenient to use
– The PVC material, copper clad aluminum durable cables
– Full leather, insulated handle
– The tin plated copper clip, stable current, fixed sheath, safety insulation
– Color resolution, red is positive, black is negative
Quantity:1set (one black cable + one red cable)
Material:Copper clad aluminum + tin plated copper clip.
Specification:Line diameter 8mm, Line wire core diameter of 0.3mm
Line length: 2 meters
How To Connect :
– (1) First, the Red wire clamp “rescued the car,” the Red positive battery.
– (2) the Red wire clamp “rescue vehicle,” the Red positive battery
– (3) the black wire clamp “rescued the car,” the black negative battery.
– (4) Then the black wire clamp in the “rescue vehicle” black negative battery.
– (5) Start the “rescue vehicle” of the engine, and then start “rescued the car,” of the engine. If you find rescued car still
does not start,Please check if the metal contact parts are bad.
– When finished start the engine, still need to take in order to start removing the line of fire, or they may cause a short
Line removal procedure is as follows:
– (1) First, the “rescued car” black wire removed.
– (2) then “rescue vehicle” black wire removed.
– (3) and then removed “rescue vehicle” red wire.
– (4) Finally, the “rescued car” red wire removed
Package Weight : 650 G / 22.93 Ounces
Package Dimensions (L*W*H) : 270*60*130 MM / 10.63*2.36*5.12 Inches
Retail Packaging: No, No Packing
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