Abro Radiator Coolant – 5 Ltr


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Product Description

Radiator Coolant  Type is for Green Colour

• Premium Low Silicate Formula for Today’s Import Cars

• Helps Maintain Stable Operating Temperature

• Contains Increased Anti-Boil Characteristics

• Protects Water Pump Against Impurities

• Prevents Rust & Corrosion

This Radiator Coolant type GREEN COLOURE in ypour car help Radiator additive 4 in 1 / antioxidant, anticorrosive, lubricant and revitalizing

New formula (oat) organic acid technology

Ready to use on all engines: gas (cng), hybrids, industrial heavy and light duty.

Radiator Coolant is a long-life radiator additive, designed to be used instead of water in the radiator and cooling system. It cools and lubricates all moving parts of the cooling system. It is a rust inhibitor and antioxidant. Do not mix with water. Water contains contaminants and is corrosive.

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